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unveiling the 2015 budget and it calls for 59 trillion in spending. it would raise taxes on the wealthy and give tax breaks to poor and middle class americans. it will significantly reduce the size of the military with deep cuts to the defense budget. the proposal pushes health and human services spending over 1 trillion for the first time ever. what does the budget proposal mean for your wallet? we will break it down at 5:40. the first primaries of the 2014 election season are in the books. the elections in the texas area easily solved abbott and davis get their party's nominations. but things weren't quite as simple for the nation's oldest member of congress. 90-year-old republican ralph paul who is seeking his 18th term did not win 50 percent of the primary vote. which forces him nool a may runoff against former u.s. attorney jay ratliff. son of former governor jeb bush won the primary for texas land commissioner. he's expected to win the january election in november. >>> massive crowds celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. this morning the party is dying down because today is ash w
of the coin's value in taxes whether or not they sell the coins or not. it falls under a law it is taxable the year it is found. >> jim lang is the host of the dating game has died. >> welcome once again to "the dating game." we have our three eligible bachelors. here are the guys. >> dak in 1932 lang became the house of the dating game when it first debuted in 1965. he had 16 years as host of the show. he had a precharlie's angel farah fawcett on the show and young arnold schwarzenegger. he died on his home in california. he retired in 2005. he was 81 years old. fun to see those pictures. >>> waking up to windchills below zero. >> maria molina is tracking another storm. >> you are right. another storm system. this will be impacting people across the west coast and over the next several days and coming up on monday. this will be a widespread storm system. it feels like 23 degrees below zero and also in new york city. it will be in the great lakes and the northeast today. it will be cooler across parts of texas with highs in the 80s. by sunday much much colder. out west we have the drought
. we are looking at identity theft. triggering tax fraud. if you are at risk we have tips that keep yourself safe in general. the shocking allegation that will have you outraged and wanting you to take a shower. then are you normal or nuts? only keith ablow knowings and he promises to tell you put something on. >> so you are in in labor someone you love is about to give birth when someone runs out of the room to perform an emergency c section on a different patient. a florida man says that's what happened to him and his wife. you have to wait, hold it. the doctor is busy with a c section. that takes priority over you. how can you say something like that when you are giving birth to a child. >> hold it. yes dad had to deliver the baby all by himself. the hospital says a nurse was in the room at the time. mom and baby are doing fine thankfully. >> should doctors be allowed to mess with genetics? that's the question the fda is holding hearings on the controversial procedure. genetic diseases are not passed on to your child. critics say it paves the way for people to pick and choose the
would come from tax reform. >> the irs rules will not be ready for the november election. yesterday the irs commission told the house appropriations committee chance of filing regulations bile election time were quote slim. after that testimony the house voted to oppose the one year halt on rule making. will we ever get answers on the irs tea party scandal. she won't testify unless she is given immunity. her lawyers spoke with the congressional committee and said she is not answering any questions until a judge orders her to do so. they will testify at a hearing last week. the last time she doesn't thdid that she pleaded the 5th. mark everettson is spokitalkingt lois lerner seeking immunity. >> the way to do this is to grant the immunity but there's a way to solve this and get a problem with it. >> if they grant her immunity she does seem to be at the center of this. really going to be suspicious of her being the top dog in this. you never give immunity to the one that is the most responsible. you give immunity to the fringe people. >> right, except i would suggest, and this has bee
was in charge of the irs unit that delayed tax exempt applications for tea party groups in 2010. she previously avoided testifying pleading the 5th. she is expected to testify tomorrow. >>> about 400 college students are rested after chaining and tieing themselves to fences at the white house. they were protesting the proposed keystone pipeline project a 1700 mile crude oil pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. the project would be bad for the environment. in january the u.s. state department released a report saying it would have little environmental impact. >> it is moving on a busy highway between houston and dallas, texas after a highway was turned into a ice skating rink. causing gridlock on the 30 mile stretch of the highway for about 16 hours. >> people stuck in their cars for 14 hours. we had people sleep in the parking lot in their cars because there was no place to go. there were no hotel rooms left. >> traffic began moving late last night. law enforcement urging caution and to watch out for the black ice. >> the weather continues to be a big story across the country. the snow may b
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5